Little, Big

“I began thinking of another kind of book: a long family chronicle that would begin in the present (ca. 1970) and go on into the future, which would grow stranger and farther apart from the present as generations came and went. What that path led to was a very long book (800 pp!) that is the best-liked of my novels. It has never been out of print.”

Little, Big (1981): A full-dress family chronicle. It was conceived as going from the present into the future — though its present is now the past. A family that believes in fairies, and the fairies that believe in them — and change their lives. Multiple awards. “The best fantasy ever written by an American” — Washington Post Book World “I have read and reread Little, Big at least a dozen times, and always am startled and refreshed. It seems to me the best book of its kind since Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.” — Harold Bloom